The Key to Winning is Practice!

At Dave’s YES Program, we only seek action-oriented individuals who already have a strong sense of purpose and a clear direction in mind. If you are actively pursuing your own dreams, and already promoting your own good ideas, then there is a good chance we are looking for you.

Like most innovators, you probably already realize that finding good help is important.
Our CONSTELLATION is a way of connecting and getting assistance from others who are ready and willing to assist you. And because we’re already in motion, our constellation can be viewed as a vehicle that can help you get wherever you are trying to go. Just think of the ‘Core-4’ as the self-propelled wheels of this vehicle--with the power to move just about any good idea into the marketplace.

Our Constellation is an Association of ‘like-minded’ individuals -- all believing in ourselves and one another and the values we promote. Because human beings are social creatures, we naturally gain more power, capacity, and effectiveness when we work, play and live in the spirit of togetherness. While our constellation is comprised of independent individuals & organizations, we clearly understand the power of unity and, as such, we are very intentional about being collaborative in all that we do.

Health of mind, body & spirit is essential to ‘winning relationships’. As you take a closer look, you’ll notice a common thread that keeps us together doing what is mutually beneficial (what’s good for me, you and everyone else involved). Ultimately, it’s all about establishing solid connections that work --WINNING RELATIONSHIPS.

It’s important to gain real results quickly. These days, making more money and gaining more control of time is of interest to most people. And for some it’s their highest priority. So as we introduce ourselves into new markets, we quickly identify those who are best-suited for what we offer. We do this by being upfront and clear as possible about the benefits and cost.

This Is ‘Social Entrepreneurship”. So money really matters for everyone involved. However, our main focus is about adding real value to people in particular and society in general. Our first priority will be to point you, as a new member, in the right direction in terms of your economic strategy.

There’s always a cost associated with any form of promoting --even if your intent is to spread the news about your good idea by word-of-mouth. There are always a few exceptional ideas that literally move completely on their own, but again these instances are quite rare. So whatever business or good idea you pursue or promote, you should always plan on covering the cost of advertising and promoting.

We only promote effective Solutions & Opportunities --meaning all of our offers are proven and time-tested. We don’t use typical promotional tactics such as unnecessary hype or exaggeration. (well, perhaps just to get the attention of our audience). We never involve ourselves in fanciful get rich quick schemes or any other form of financial trickery.

Other long-term benefits will naturally follow. There are numerous long-term benefits --obviously. far too many to list here. However, you can rest assured that by being connected with other entrepreneurs, innovators, problem solvers, you can reap many benefits and for many years to come. As a Constellation Member, you’ll quickly discover why we say ‘WE’RE BETTER TOGETHER”.

WHAT’S THE BOTTOM LINE (COST)? Each of our Partners & Associates has his/her own price structure for what they offer. To get the pricing details, click the links to any of the the Core 4 offers. The services provided by Constellation Partners & Associates are primarily Educational & Self Help Solutions & Opportunities. You will find that everything we offer is ‘Information Only’ in the form of Subscriptions, Coursework, Consultation, Tools, and other valuable resources. Remember, these are proven processes, clear pathways, and powerful vehicles designed to help you succeed at whatever you are trying to do AND wherever you are trying to go. Everything is well-structured and flexible enough to help ensure your success. And you will find that all prices are affordable --especially if you are truly seeking a better way. Just don’t underestimate the value of having direct access to the people who have a strong track record of success and many years of experience in their areas of expertise.

So if you are serious about making more money and having more control of your time,
then I highly recommend that you first take a close and careful look at the POWERFUL CASH-FLOW opportunity offered by our Housing Partners -( & When you register, be sure to let them know that Dave sent you. --register at

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